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Smaller vs larger agencies – Does size really matter?

Smaller vs larger agencies – Does size really matter?

Whether it be communication, marketing, or PR, when a business decides to outsource different activities to an agency, it usually wants a one-stop solution for all of its different digital marketing needs – which is totally understandable!

However, the truth is that even full-service agencies are often unable to provide the same level of quality in all required areas.. For this reason, companies tend to contract with several specialised agencies, trusting that they’ll get the best for the given project.

White Elephant Digital's model is very similar to these yet not identical to any of them. The flexible formation of our expert team makes it possible for us to work with the most experienced members of the freelancing world on one project at a time without generating any unnecessary costs on the client's account.

What should your choice depend on?

According to Forbes Magazine, the value of a large agency lies, among other things, in the fact that it’s already appeared on all paid media platforms. Furthermore, a large agency has creative, PR, and digital specialists who (in theory) work closely together to ensure that brand messages are consistent and well-targeted across all platforms. Small agencies, on the other hand, can often come up with more creative and daring solutions.

Small agency or large agency?

What are the top reasons for working with a large agency versus a boutique agency?

Why its worth opting for larger agencies:

  • They have greater capacity and sometimes greater experience in the world of multinational or global brands.
  • They tend to have more serious hardware resources and access to more expensive databases.
  • Typically, they have a larger workforce and boast a diverse company culture.

The most important reasons why you should consider working with a boutique agency like White Elephant Digital:

  • Small agencies are more affordable, as larger agencies work with higher budgets due to their size or expensive equipment. Most of the time, employees of larger agencies work in spacious, imposing office buildings for which these companies pay expensive rent and other maintenance fees. The costs of maintaining a large workforce are usually passed on to the clients as well, even if their projects are handled by a small team. The question may arise: is all this investment really necessary to get what your business needs?
  • Smaller agencies are more flexible and agile: they’re able to perform tasks faster and can swiftly change direction if needed. Accordingly, they tend to take on fewer clients, to whom they pay more focused attention than the "big ones".
  • They put all of their resources into offering a handful of services at a top-notch level. They might even have access to a large pool of specialists who’re seasoned experts in their given fields, driving the results needed to move your business forward. These people love their profession and don’t necessarily want to stand behind the biggest brands with their expertise.
  • Finally, boutique agencies provide more customised services, and even small-scale projects will fit into their operations.

It's also worth noting that boutique agency clients benefit from the talent and expertise of the entire team just as they would at a much larger agency. Smaller agencies probably have people with the same talent and experience as the big ones, and we won't reveal a big secret if we say that people often migrate from big agency to smaller ones.

As a small agency, we advise you not to base your decision on shiny office buildings, impressive media appearances, or the number of employees! The most important factor to consider is whether the given agency will provide you with the results you’re looking for. Partnering with an agency that cares about your smallest projects and works the hardest for your success will pay off manifold!

We’re thrilled to take on new challenges with daring brands looking for results that exceed expectations. Contact us today to make an impact!