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Adagio Hostel

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Adagio Hostel


Monthly visitors increased by 40%.
The number of returning guests increased by 20%.


Adagio Hostels opened their second 70-bed hostel when they contacted us. Apart from their hostels, they operated several apartments, but their future plans went far beyond that. This encounter took place in 2012, and since then the hostel has undergone at least 3 renovations, has rid itself of paper-based check-ins, and has an average of 800 guests a month after a busy night in Budapest.


Create a website that can be expanded at any time with another hostel, room or renovated space.
Design a website that shows the general atmosphere of the hostel chain, even if it is constantly changing.

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Essential Hostel

Essential Hostel

During our work at HomePlus Hostel, we were introduced to the Essential Hostel, located in the heart of Budapest.