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Autóőrszem <br> (Car Sentinel App)


The Autóőrszem (car sentinel) application can allow the users of the app to notify car owners by entering the licence plate number if they notice a problem with the vehicle. During our cooperation, we've had two goals: increasing the number of people downloading and using the app - thus increasing the number of licence plates in our database, and building a community of car owners.


The main challenge was the vicious circle that the more licence plates are in the database, the better the system works, but at the start of the campaign, this number was only 7.500. The fewer plates are registered, the less likely that the user will actually keep using the app a long time. So the focus of our communication efforts was to get people to know and understand that they can be a part of a new community for car owners.


Writing and distributing a press release to relevant media lists, that allows us to highlight the gap this app is trying to fill and to encourage motorists to download and use the app. The PR activity was supported by Facebook content ideas, target group research, and a monthly content plan as well.


  • The project was a great success, as the press release was published by over 30 different mediums, communicating about the application.
  • Because of this, the number of registered plates increased from 7.500 to over 20.000!


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