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CsudaVet Veterinary Clinic

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CsudaVet Veterinary Clinic


CsudaVet Veterinary Clinic was in its opening stage. Its unique idea is that they are clinic offering services for exotic animals as well. Our goal was to help them to prepare for their online presence.


The challenge was the uncertainty whether the clinic would receive their opening permits during our 1-month long partnership or not. Because of this, we were mainly focused on planning and creating campaigns and activities, and not actually launching them, as that wouldn't have been realistic in the framework of our 1-month long cooperation.


We were supporting the different opening campaigns during our work together. In the scope of a Facebook training, we've helped the clinic get all the necessary information how to get started in social media, and we've given them both concrete content and general ideas in how they can keep creating their own. We've put together a comprehensive target group analysis to support the ads as well.


  • Social media setup with a Facebook page ready to start.
  • After the Facebook training, the clinic will be able to more efficiently spend their marketing budget on the platform.

We cannot wait for the opening of the clinic!

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