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The client planned to export the unique chefs' clothes of the Hungarian designer couple to the international market, especially to the German-speaking area. The goal was to create a website introducing the exclusivity of these unique products.


Finding and implementing high quality, unique product image. Having a premium feel at first sight when visiting the website was an important goal. Finally, we created the perfect logo out of 16 versions...


  • Planning corporate identity for a unique-designed kitchen clothing brand for chefs that will be launched on the market of Hungary and Western Europe.
  • Besides the logo, we planned the identity elements of clothing labels, business cards, letterhead
  • Website development


  • The image, harmonizing with the unique product, is easily distinguishable from the average. It reflects the premium quality of the products therefore relevant in the Western European market too.
  • Our client, who once worked as a designer, is satisfied with the results. 


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