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Forest & Ray


The wide range of services available in 4 languages generate diverse goal:

  • Continuous online and offline communication in 4 languages (English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish). 
  • Maintaining the "affordable dentistry" image, existed over the last 10 years among Hungarian patients.
  • Technical support and content management of the 4 language-websites.
  • Continuous communication on Social Media Channel: 4 Facebook pages, 1 Instagram.


Over the last 10 years, we have faced many challenges, most of them are still exist:

  • Adaptation to constantly changing consumer base.
  • Continuous optimization of target groups.
  • Communicating expanding dental services across multiple channels.
  • Ensuring continuous and high quality communication in different languages (English, Hungarian, Italian, Polish).


  • Providing a strategic approach.
  • Development and implementation of integrated marketing solutions.
  • Continuous availability.
  • Build a dedicated team for the client within the agency.


For the past 2 years, we have been providing them with only integrated marketing solutions on a monthly basis. Our main activities:

  • Content production in 4 languages.
  • Social marketing communication.
  • Continuous SEO optimization and daily maintenance of websites.

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