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Designing a trendy website for the company's unique image: We had to create a completely new focus on Indian fast food with the most unique design elements possible.


  • The biggest challenge was to reach the niche target group looking specifically for Indian fast food. 
  • In addition, designing a website that matches the existing image.


  • During the development of the website, we created the restaurant's unique style by developing playful widgets. It required quite a long time to find the best solutions for website development. The process was divided into two parts.
  • For the start of the restaurant, we focused on basic information such as general description of the restaurant, menu, contact information.
  • Later, we expanded the site with playful widgets, as well as displaying category filters and food photos. 


The result is a transparent and informative website, which at the same time playful too. Thanks to the website, the number of visitors and the number of guests increased significantly, so a new location has established in Pest, besides the core restaurant in Buda.

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