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  • During the first 3 weeks of the campaign, the percentage of Facebook-to-web site visitors increased compared to the previous three weeks.
  • Page bounce rates decreased by 3%, and the average time spent on the page increased.
  • During the first phase of the campaign, the proportion of direct visitors and brand keyword searches increased.
  • During the second, three-week period of the campaign, Facebook page interactions increased compared to the first three-week period.

All in all, the six-week campaign made the target group more active in all areas and increased the number of direct and brand keyword visitors; in addition, the number of likes increased by 626.


To increase the number of visitors from Facebook to the website, to activate the target group, and to increase the time spent on the site by the visitors. Also to increase the number of visitors who search the brand keyword.

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Katica Tanya

Katica Tanya

Katica Tanya Adventure Center is located in Patca, in the heart of Zselic, Somogy County.