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Idomio Smart Home

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Idomio Smart Home


The innovative Hungarian brand is an important player in the ever-evolving and expanding market of smart homes. Our goal was to create a clean, design-driven site where they can adequately portray this innovative role.


The company would have debuted with its smart home products at the 2020 Construma Exhibition in the spring, however, the event took place in October. This uncertainty also affected the workflow at several points. After the handover of the website, but even before the event, our resources had to be activated in order to get the social media interfaces in maximum shape before Construma.


  • We have created a website that is both clean and design-driven, but also the products are displayed professionally.
  • In order to access social media quickly and efficiently, we launched the company's Instagram account in 24 hours, and we also uploaded new content to their Facebook page.


The company was able to debut at Construma with the support of a brand new website and updated social media channels.

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