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Katica Tanya

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Katica Tanya

Since 2019, Katica Tanya has received an integrated marketing service from us. In addition to social marketing communication and continuous SEO optimization and daily maintenance of their website, we have expanded our services with intensive PR activities and effective content management. Highlights of the year 2019:


  • + 10% annual increase in visitor number
  • + 15% new website users
  • increase the brand awareness nationwide
  • find a female llama for Samu, the iconic animal of the client :)


We believe in the power of a "good story". Therefore we have come up with a creative story that is alive in the media as it is in itself, possibly as cost-effective as possible.


  • significantly limited budget
  • persuade the client about the power of PR solutions
  • client distance (3 hours) from Budapest


  • + 13% annual increase in visitors
  • + 42% increase in new website users
  • a total of 38 press releases alltogether in 27 media (eg.: RTL Klub, Rádió1, TV2, Index, Bors)
  • Saci, the llama wife :)


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AllNight Crash

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