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Pureco Kft., with its more than 10 subsidiaries, is a 100% Hungarian-owned international company. It develops, manufactures and sells its sustainable and affordable water management solutions, products and technologies in more than 20 countries and 4 continents. They mainly protect the environment with self-developed, partly patented products and services. In addition to brand building, our goal is to continuously increase the sales of our products.


The uniqueness of the market is a major challenge for PPC campaigns. As these are specific products and services, it is important to consider exactly who is interested in the company’s products and how they can find Pureco products. 


When managing Pureco’s Google Ads campaigns, we constantly monitor and maintain our campaigns, paying attention to every important detail, no matter how small are they.


  • PPC campaigns have been steadily increasing the number of visitors and buyers coming to the website. 
  • Google Ads campaigns are completed by regular link building for brand awareness, with the help of ALH Consulting.


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