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Responsible Gastro-hero Foundation

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Responsible Gastro-hero Foundation


The "Felelős Gasztrohős Alapítvány" (Responsible gastro-hero foundation) promotes environmentally sustainable food consumption. They've started the "Sustainable Restaurant" certification 8 years ago. They're honoring caterers and restaurants that take -even the tiniest- steps to become greener. During our cooperation, our goal was to find the relevant target groups that would be open to achieve this certificate, and promote this opportunity among them.


The cooperation was in the scope of a 1-month long project. The biggest challenge was adapting to the tight timeframe, as there were several exciting ideas, but we needed to find ones that could be realistically done in a 1-month timeframe.


We've created a Facebook group that targeted restaurants that would like to start on their journey to become more sustainable and achieve this certificate. We've started with a comprehensive target group research to find relevant target group. After that, we created the first ads for the campaign, and finally held a Facebook ad management training for the Client, so they can continue on with the project.


  • A continuously expanding Facebook group for restaurants that want to be more sustainable. 
  • More efficient Facebook ad management and reporting thanks to learnings of FB training.


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