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  • We first created AdWords and Facebook campaigns for them and currently we are optimizing their campaigns.
  • Over the past two months, the Bounce Rate has fallen by more than 8%, new and returning visitors have increased, and average page time has also increased.
  • The number of people coming from Facebook or social sites to the website has increased dramatically, by almost 140%, and the number of direct visitors has increased by almost 70%.
  • Based on the data, we also observed a tendency for  visitors coming from campaigns are typically return on the site on the 10-12 days and shop then, so the conversion happens on these days. Also there are some visitors who do the same on the 12-30 days. 


We got to know Skandi Trend through one of our common clients and after lengthy negotiations we were able to sign up for a first round, three month campaign.


The company was changing its website, and in this regard, White Elephant Digital has tried to help them in every way to ensure that the website design company and Skandi Trend run smoothly.

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ASTE Furniture

ASTE Furniture

Aste Furniture Fabrics Company had a full social media (Facebook and Instagram) and Google Ads campaign management.