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Süti, the dog

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Süti, the dog


Writer Dóri Becz wanted to introduce and sell the first volume of her fairy tale series, The Adventures of Süti the dog. As a brand new writer in the Hungarian market, we wanted precise planning for Dóri's communication. Primarily, we created a communication strategy that provides a long-term perspective on how to effectively reach the target group, as well as building Dóri’s image as a writer and supporting the sale of  her book. 


  • Dóri Becz appeared on the Hungarian book market as a recent writer, who was supported by neither a large publisher nor a significant communication budget.
  • Although our primary target group was children, the communication target group was adults (their parents, grandparents, teachers): reaching the secondary target group we had to address the children and involve them in the world of Süti the dog.
  • The task was more difficult by the fact that the book had to be promoted in the biggest media noise at Christmas, with a strong focus on effective targeting, a moderated media budget. 


  • Creating a communication strategy in which we can also plan the image of the writer and the communication of the Süti series in the long run.
  • In the strategy, we placed special emphasis on the definition of a pinpoint target group, effective communication channels, so the writer can easily reach them even without our help.
  • We helped to create the Facebook profile of the book, we planned the post-plan of the first month, we suggested an online book presentation.
  • Communication activities were strengthened with targeted social media ads


  • The communication strategy and the one-year tactical plan have created a way that the writer would be able to work with even without our help.
  • Facebook posts can be easily planned in the future along with the established structure.
  • Thanks to Facebook ads and organic posts, the number of likes has increased nicely in December 2020.
  • You can find the Facebook profile here.


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