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Terra Hungária

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Terra Hungária


For 27 years, Terra Hungária has been one of the major players in the construction industry dealing with the distribution of new, second-hand and rental machines also. 300 models of more than 17 brands are distributed in its wide product range, its most important partner is JCB. In the framework of the cooperation, our goal is lead generation, in addition to brand building. 


All digital communication activities are in separate hands, so in the first period, it was a challenge to understand the old methods. After we managed to get over this, we got a much smoother and more efficient workflow.


We manage Terra Hungária's Google Ads campaigns, dedicated to increasing sales. In 2021, our collaboration expanded and we also started to launch the company’s LinkedIn site and YouTube channel.


  • Due to PPC advertising, the interest and demand for products are constantly increasing. 
  • Moreover, Terra Hungária's Google Ads campaigns help the company to establish new partnerships. 
  • Google Ads are well completed by regular branding content on LinkedIn and YouTube.


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