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Uránia Pharmacy


The pharmacy belongs to 6-8 people asked us to create a new website for them. It was important not to increase the level of internal administration and even to reduce it if possible.


The “dreams of the future” articulated by the client were difficult to shape into specific business goals. Besides, it was challenging to realize the human administration tasks of a relatively small pharmacy.


  • Because the clients found it difficult to articulate their goals, we tried to help them by thinking not only about tasks but also proactively looking ahead to future opportunities.
  • As a professional partner, we proposed a webshop for the sale of pharmacy cosmetics.
  • Thinking one step further, they will be able to serve the entire prescription range with the webshop.


  • Execution of a demanding introductory website.
  • The idea of the webshop maximally satisfied the client's ideas, as they can reduce the administration, based on the current pharmacy software.
  • The webshop is currently under implementation.


You can find our partner here:

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