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Infographics and illustrations

Infographics and unique illustrations distinguish you from the rest. Infographics make even complex statistical results easy to understand, and help your customers to understand your message. Creative illustrations or icons make you unique, breaking monotony.


Design of infographics

Infographics can be used in several different cases:

  • when you have some interesting statistics, and you want them to be easily understandable 

  • you would like to make your audience understand certain processes

  • you would like to draw people’s attention to an important case or problem

How do we prepare infographics at White Elephant Digital?

Our team starts with determining the goals. What is the purpose of the infographics? How can we reach this purpose in the most effective way? If the goals are set, our marketing expert and designer discuss the ways to build up the infographics so that it communicates information the most adeptly. After that, the marketing expert creates the contents, based on which the designer prepares the infographics. During the process the designer keeps the purpose and place of the infographics in mind, making sure it is also user friendly. While creating our infographics, we always use creative and innovative solutions. 

Illustration design

Illustrations make a text come to life. They help to understand it, trigger the brain, draw attention and make texts more enjoyable. Our designer at White Elephant Digital makes sure that your blog articles or printed materials engage people’s attention and remain stuck in their memories. A very high percentage of your readers start reading an article because of the illustrations. The age of stock photos is over; readers recognize worn-out, store-bought photos. Draw the attention of your customers with tailor-made illustrations! 

Design and animation of icons and icon sets 

A one-of-a-kind, creative icon set can make your website unique, and is able to distinguish you from your competition. Unique icons, just like illustrations, generate emotions in the visitors of your website, making them stuck in their memories easily. These icon sets break monotony. There is no need for words; the given content can be described merely with these simple illustrations. Our designer creates an easy-to-animate icon set suiting the profile of the website. Animation is a little plus, which, if used properly, can make your website different and interesting. 

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