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SEO or search engine optimization makes sure that your website appears in the best possible position when searching for the relevant keywords. In order to make that possible, you have to meet the criteria of both technical and on-site SEO. It is important to note that SEO-based changes don’t grant immediate results. According to new trends, constant development is vital. Don’t lag behind! Secure your place on the first page of Google search results!

Online marketing

Technical SEO audit

If a website is structurally well-built, but we would like to improve it based on SEO, usually the first step is a technical audit, followed by solving technical problems. Technical SEO audit is carried out with the help of analysis software and also manually. A technical SEO audit can reveal if there are false redirections, pages that are not found, duplicated subpages or texts, or missing contents that are otherwise watched by search engines. It also discloses if you use the address bars and your company name correctly and consistently. During the audit we also observe which sites link your website. It is important, because being linked to certain sites can harm your reputation. 

If the audit is done, we summarize it for you, and, per your request, also fix the problems found. These errors are fixed by the cooperation of a programmer and a marketing expert. 

On-site content management and extension

On-site SEO focuses on the content and structure of your website. For a great user experience it is highly important that you have a transparent website, where the content leads the consumer, and also offers all the information they might need. Our team can help you to plan, create, manage and extend the right content.
Content planning at White Elephant Digital begins with keyword analysis. If we have determined the words we would like to focus on, we plan and create contents accordingly, keeping the criteria of on-site SEO in mind.

If you need to redesign the structure of your website to guarantee the best possible user experience, we develop a new structure for you with the cooperation of a SEO expert and a designer. 

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO contains all the activities aiming to improve your placement on the Google search result list, but don’t take place on your site. Our goal is to make you a topic of conversation outside your site, making other sites mention and refer to you. Link building is one way to do that, becoming more and more important each day. Link building can be done by placing PR articles and contents with the relevant keywords. This way we can achieve that other sites refer to your website, generating traffic on the site from their platform. But why is it beneficial? Besides generating traffic, link building also makes you more credible for Google. If you are credible, Google search engines are going to place your site to a better position.  

At White Elephant Digital we offer you link building for Hungarian and foreign sites. Please, contact us for further information.

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