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45 minutes about your business

Communication consulting tailored to your company - with our experts

Last year, our "Your story - 30-minute virtual counseling" program was a great success, so we expanded it to a 45-minute format and opened it up to all our activities, so that our virtual counselling becomes a real professional workshop*.

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45 minutes


Let's find the answers together!

You are in the right place to get answers.

  • Don’t you  know how and what kind of communication message to address your target group?
  • Do you have a good idea but don't know how to turn it into a powerful message in your communication?
  • Are you a startup, but before you commit to an agency, you want to know what it can do and whether the chemistry between you would work?
  • Would you like someone to look at your activities so far with an independent eye and tell you if you're on the right track and how to move forward?


Price: HUF 35.000 HUF + VAT

Two experienced professionals take part in the workshop, a communication and online marketing expert and a strategy and storytelling (PR) expert.

What you get at the end of the workshop:

  • Our colleagues with many years of professional experience will answer your specific questions
  • Practical, immediately usable solution proposals and options.
  • Joint brainstorming.
  • A new perspective, inspiration.

Indicate your intention to order the consulting and your application by contact us! We will contact you with details within 48 hours. Your application involves sending the fee request by e-mail, after payment of which you can start the professional workshop.

Reviews of the summer, from the “Your Story - 30-minute virtual counselings”:

"Before we sat down with White Elephant for this half hour, we didn't think that it would be possible to get so much momentum in such a short time. How much? A lot! In half an hour, they were able to map where we currently stand, what strengths we can rely on and in which direction we should move. We received and came up with ideas together that we can use for the development of the magazine. Thank you again and we wholeheartedly recommend it!" — We love Zala, Flóra&Ábel

"I asked for help in connection with the launch of my new brand - and I received much more than I hoped for! Viki and Bea not only shared a few template marketing tips during the consultation, but also thought globally about the industry, current trends and business policy. All this in a direct and inspiring atmosphere, giving me space and immediately reflecting on my thoughts and questions. And the summary I received after the conversation is a great crutch, I'm sure I'll be able to refer back to it in the future." — Love The Organic, Viki

"As a beginner entrepreneur, I applied with an idea, and thanks to the counselling, I became richer with many practical tips and inspiration. I am very grateful to Viki and Zsuzsa for giving me a big boost to get off the ground." — - Laura

*Professional workshop: The result of the process is given by joint action and work, and not by the trainer (training goal). The purpose of the event is to solve and discuss a problem, not to develop and evolve the competencies of the participants (it is not goal-oriented, it is not aimed at developing and evolving competencies).

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