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Dynamic monthly fee - tailored to your current needs

Fewer constraints, more creativity

The constantly changing economic and communication environment requires great flexibility from businesses. We like to plan ahead and implement well thought-out activities, but these days plans can change even at the last minute.

Package deals



This is why we developed our dynamic monthly fee package offer, in which only the hours are fixed, but not the range of involved experts. One person is permanent, the contact person, who assesses customer needs month by month and organizes the communication activities for the next period, involves the other experts.

Our cooperation is possible in fixed packages of 20, 40 and 100 hours, in each case tailored to the customer's needs. This is how we can implement small or large communication campaigns and activities.

What do we have at your disposal?

  • monthly social content management and social media advertising management
  • PR tasks
  • communication consulting
  • newsletter management
  • Google Ads advertising management
  • developinggraphic materials
  • marketing copywriting/content marketing


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