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Companies have never had to be as flexible as they need to be as today. However, without plans and commitment, they can only implement ad-hoc activities, which mostly leads to haste and dissatisfaction. That is why we consider it important that our customers start the year 2023 with a communication plan.

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We have a wide and demanding client base, so we know not everyone requires the same level of communication planning. For this reason, we have developed several options that can be used to implement a communication plan tailored to individual needs, so that companies can communicate with activities that are prepared and in line with the available budget.

1. Strategic planning

Every company needs a basic strategy, where the market in which they operate is detailed, the competitors are analyzed, the members of the target group and their motivations are revealed, the goals and the market position are defined, from where to where they want to go. These are marginal basic theses, without which no communication activity can be well-founded, let alone successfully implemented.

This deeper level strategic planning is a work process of about 2-3 months, which we start with a 4-6 hour workshop and at the end they receive a one-year tactical plan so that communication can be planned in advance.

If you are interested in the specific steps of strategic planning, please contact us and we will be happy to share more specifics.

2. Creating a communication plan

The communication plan provides a communication response to solve a specific problem area, which we also start with a joint workshop to explore and understand the problem. However, the activities that serve as a response to the raised problem are developed immediately after that. This process is shorter, takes about a month, and does not analyze the communication environment in depth and complexity, but offers a solution to a specific difficulty.

If you think you are struggling with one or two major blockages and would like to find a quick solution, please contact us so that we can assess whether you really need a communication plan.

3. 45 minute consultation

Many beginning entrepreneurs use our 45-minute consulting service who have never worked with a communications agency. Here you can discuss a communication problem with two experts. It is surprising how much this form boosts efficiency, since there is no time for side conversations, we discuss the specifics. Our experts try to give the most in-depth answers to the questions, from which the interviewer better understands, for example, the operation of social media channels or the importance of timing.

If you are stuck on a question that you would like to discuss with communication experts, you can sign up for a 45-minute consultation here.

We at the White Elephant Digital team, believe in the importance of strategic planning; without solid foundations, a campaign or communication activity can collapse at any time. We are lucky because more and more of our old and new customers recognize the importance of this and patiently accompany us through the planning phase.

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