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Microsite development

Microsites and landing pages are websites developed for a certain aim, providing targeted information for visitors. Thus, visitors of the website cannot roam around; they are only able to follow the road you assigned for them. Microsites usually do not have subpages, leading visitors right towards the goal, which can be a myriad of things: completing a form, applying for a sweepstake or signing up for a newsletter.

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In which cases do we recommend microsite development?

The use of microsites is recommended when we would like to advertise a given product or service within the confines of a promotion. Microsites provide a surface for that. 
They can be useful in the following cases:

  • you are running a sweepstake, and you need a separate landing page
  • you would like to create a separate marketing campaign for a product or service, and you need a microsite for that, containing relevant information with the right keywords 
  • sometimes your business only needs a microsite to communicate efficiently in the online space 

Benefits of a microsite or landing page

  • it is a quickly done, cost efficient solution
  • can be customized for a campaign
  • it serves your marketing goals in a targeted way
  • provides higher conversion ratio, because in the case of a site of this type, risk of “wandering away” is smaller 

How do we at White Elephant Digital develop microsites?

At White Elephant Digital we prepare microsites just like we create any bigger website. We start with assessing the needs of the client, identifying the goals, developing a wire frame, and creating content. After the approval of the wire frame, we start preparing the design and programming the site. The difference between bigger websites and microsites is only time and costs, as a landing page can be prepared in a quick and very cost-efficient way to serve any of your marketing campaigns. 


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