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Development of responsive websites

Nowadays, when everyone is using the Internet on their mobile phones or tablets, it is substantial that we create websites flexibly adapting to all device screens, and doesn’t only look good on a laptop or PC monitor. While developing websites, our main focus is to create user friendly solutions for all devices. We optimize font sizes, make sure that buttons are easy to click, the website has a proper speed, and the structure is transparent. We make sure our clients don’t lose one single customer because the website hasn’t worked properly on their device.

Web development

Responsive websites displayed optimally on all screen sizes

A responsive website is not only beneficial for the users, but also to get the appreciation of Google. Tendency shows that search engines rank those websites higher that work optimally on all devices. User experience has become a substantial part of the Google algorithm. Besides optimizing the website for different devices, we ensure that websites developed by us run on all browsers without any glitches.

Pixel accurate, design-based structure

Our programmer builds your website pixel accurately based on the design. Therefore, after approving the design, you can be sure the result is going to meet your expectations. Our designer and programmer consult throughout the whole website development process; thus, everyone is familiar with the steps of the process and the milestones. Using this method considerable amount of money and time can be spared, because the designer doesn’t create something that is illogical according to the programmer. At the same time, the programmer is aware of the nature of design, and is able to visualize it on the website. 

Up-to-date technology, unique solutions

Our team always uses up-to-date technologies. Quickness is very important for us, concerning work and the speed of the website, too. Therefore, we develop every website making sure it is the fastest, serving its visitors with the smallest possible loading time. 

Our resident programmer develops complete websites based on a previously prepared design. We are able to create any unique solution. We design it, while our programmer makes it work. All websites developed by us are responsive, based on a wire frame prepared in advance. Later, we create the website based on the approved design and prototype. 

Our websites are always created search engine optimized, taking the aspects of SEO into consideration. It is beneficial, because this way default settings also align with basic principles of technical SEO, making on-site SEO tasks easier to carry out later. 

Besides that, our websites all have simple and transparent upload and background platforms, making future handling much easier. By request, our team is happy to teach you all the basics, enabling you to change the contents of your website anytime. 

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