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Speed optimization

No one likes to wait or stand in line. This is no different in the online space. You also might have caught yourself looking for another site if the website you visited hasn’t loaded in 5 seconds. This means, you have to stay competitive in the case of website speed, as well, and optimize it wherever you can.

Web development

Importance of speed optimization

Speed in the case of a website is important from many aspects. The first and most important aspect is, of course, user experience. The other, more practical reason is that your website must meet the requirements of Google and other search engines. According to the newest tendencies Google tries to think as its users. You might have great contents, but if your site loads slowly, and Google thinks you will lose many customers because of that, it will rank you further down the list for not providing great user experience. Therefore, with sufficient optimization strategy, you can appear higher in Google’s search results, providing great competitive advantage. It is important to note that all websites developed by White Elephant Digital are optimized concerning website speed and user experience right from the beginning. 

Website speed audit

Would you like to know how your website performs concerning speed? Our programmer can provide you a detailed audit regarding the present state, containing suggestions about optimization. Website speed audits help you to recognize all flaws, making your website more user friendly, achieving more conversion as a result. Request website speed audit online! 

Speed optimization by White Elephant Digital

Website speed audit is followed by fixing all flaws. One of the most crucial points is the size of pictures used. These must be optimized in all cases. Ideally compressed pictures cut to the right size save lots of space on the data storage system, reducing loading time and page size. We always optimize this process, thus, you don’t have to worry about it while uploading. Concerning website speed, utilizing all potential of browsers is also of great importance. This includes caching and setting the expiration date of static files.  It is important to note that all websites developed by White Elephant Digital are optimized regarding website speed and user experience. 


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