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Online shop development

Our online shops serve all your requirements concerning function, and flaunt unique, tailor-made design. Whether it is a small-scale product line or a large-scale product portfolio, we are here to help you.

Web development

Business functions of online shops

Per request, your online shop can be equipped with detailed product search functions to enable transparency. Registration module can also be involved for easier use. We optimize the functions of shopping cart for you. It is also possible to enable shopping without registering, while your customers are able to revise the contents of their cart while shopping. Online shops developed by us can cater for all shipment and paying methods, as well. Our online shops are able differentiate between VAT rates by countries. 
With our online shops, you can organize sales, coupons and loyalty programs, all encouraging customers to shop. We are able to include an email feedback system, as well, which informs customers about what phase in shopping they are currently in. Our goal with these built-in functions is to make sure your customers have the best experience while shopping, and also enabling you to handle your website easily. 

Admin interface of online shops 

Online shops developed by White Elephant Digital all have simple and easy-to-use administration interfaces. You can handle your products and customers easily. You are also able to interconnect it with your own product administration system. You can enter or withdraw products, list and analyse your customers, and also handle all orders and clearances anytime.

Why choose White Elephant Digital to have your online shop developed? 

  • Do you have an unusual product portfolio? We adapt to your product or service portfolio, and create the most ideal system for you. 
  • Do you wish to have unique functions? We are able to provide any type of these. 
  • Do you like one of the online shop provider systems, but you wish for something more tailor-made regarding its looks? We offer unique design for your website, distinguishing you from you competitors. 

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AllNight Crash

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