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Who are w.e.?

Our Story

White Elephant Digital was founded in 2012, our main client was a dental surgery in London, based on agency tasks like social media activities and web development. New businesses came quickly from the domestic tourism and hospitality industry. Keeping our digital focus in place, we have continued to grow, giving Facebook and Google Ads campaigns a solid base of integrated services that enable us to deliver all the clients’ needed for web appearance.


Our Present

We are a storytelling agency, using integrated digital solutions, mainly with freelancer professionals, with a tailored team for each client. We believe in the importance of the human factor, both the agency inside and on the client-side. Our team members have gained decades of professional experience in multinational companies and the domestic SME market too, so we navigate our clients genuinely through the digital marketing world. Trust is the key factor in our client relationships.

Core businesses 

  • Everything starts with a story! We find the stories behind companies, products and services, which we implement according to the needs of the target group

  • We believe in the power of design: authentic and sophisticated appearance of a brand or service is our heart, whether online or offline. In addition to webdesign, logo and corporate identity design, we are also professionals in designing printed materials, illustrations, exhibition installations, and infographics.

  • Support efficiency with online marketing solutions: our social media and PPC campaigns always start with target and keyword research, and we offer a wide range of search engine optimization opportunities.

  • We develop web solutions for almost all content management systems: we develop complex websites, microsites or webshops, from wireframe to web page delivery.

  • Our content marketing and PR services integrate a wide range of communication activities: we undertake the full implementation of communications projects, media relations management, planning and implementation of strategic workshops, content writing and other classic PR tasks.


That little extra...

Our clients acknowledge that we can easily find the common voice. Trust is the key factor in our clients’ relationships, “we have a heart”. We believe in constructive workflow and partnership:

  • we are available

  • we stand confident in every situation

  • we believe in creating good content

  • we are up to date in the digital world


What do we do more than a team of freelancers?

We believe that by organizing a professional team for each project, we can better meet our clients’ needs through better understanding, comprehensive and effective solutions. In our clients' campaigns, we always work with the professionals who have the best knowledge supported by a dedicated communication manager. This is how we move in the border of freelancer and agency world.

  • we provide integrated solutions

  • we work with a strategic approach

  • defining the business purpose is essential

  • pinpoint targeting

  • we assign KPIs and analyze it after implementation

  • We work in project teams, led by experienced communications experts


News / Awards

PR - a key basis of the content-driven strategy

A strategically driven campaign enabled us to win key PR awards of 2019 as a small agency, with a small client. We wanted to further enhance our client communication from the content side as well, so PR  is proven to be a good strategic direction.

We won the Kreatív Prizma Prize with a gold and a “Best Story” special award, which was unbelievable to us in the strongest PR-driven integrated campaign category. This was followed by the MMSZ (Hungarian Marketing Association) Diamond Prize, and in addition to the Sándor Imre PR Prize of the Hungarian PR Association, we received the grand prize, which was awarded for the first time after five years. 


This June we received a GOLDEN Award in EMEA Sabre Awards competition referred to as the PR Oscar. We are extremely proud of this honour as this was our first international competition.

The successful story of Samu the llama is strong feedback that our content-driven strategy started  one and a half year ago is efficient. Act bravely, step out from our own and our clients’ comfort zone was  a great confirmation for us for the future.  Contact us and together we will find your story that can authentically present you and that is interesting enough to your target audience.

White Elephant Digital – your partner in digital communication!

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Good quality service, good relationship with the clients, good working environment and solid background for development in the digital and real world; these are my goals.



Account Director, Senior PR Expert

There is a story behind every company or product, which I find and I get to the target group with the help of PR tools.



Account Manager

I'm striving to achieve our projects for our clients in a professionally correct, accurate and conscientious way.



Senior Social Marketing Expert

As a consultant I help our clients from developing an effective marketing strategy to implementing online marketing.



Senior Back-end Developer

Define more sophisticated features and administrative structure of websites. It's my job to keep it working after the look.



Marketing Expert

During my work, I assist clients' projects with various online marketing tools.




As a copywriter, along predefined guidelines, I fill with content the clients' strategic ideas.

We are always welcome new talents!

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